Family run. Hand made. Colorado proud.


Lavender hasn't always  been a passion for us.  We're both CO natives & we moved our family out to Carr in search of space for our kids and Great Danes to run  & play and a quieter, slower place to just be.  We knew we made a great team, but our ability to work together as a couple really came through as we built our house over the course of a year (through many warnings about how the process would test our marriage).  As we worked together, we talked about the potential of our new home and lavender & honey quickly grew from options  to realities.  My husband loves to work hard and the idea of farming resonated with him.  I love anything creative & handcrafted.  Our whole family loves our Great Danes and the affable companionship they give us.  Lazy Dane Lavender Co. allows us to combine these elements in a business we think is pretty awesome & we hope you find something here you think is wonderful too.


-The Hastings Family